JD Talks - COVID-19 and Business Insurance

JONES DAY TALKS®: COVID-19 and Business Insurance

Jones Day Insurance Recovery Practice Leader Ty Childress discusses the insurance implications relating to COVID-19, including employee health and safety concerns, the importance of reviewing language, determining what constitutes a “physical loss,” and what business operators must do now.

COVID-19: Key Considerations for Health Providers & Life Science Companies

COVID-19: Key Considerations for Health Providers & Life Science Companies

Jones Day partners Alexis Gilroy and Maureen Bennett talk about lessons already learned from COVID-19, the questions clients are asking, why it’s important that the world’s health care organizations share information, and how telemedicine can help.

Success Stories: Jones Day's Women's Initiatives

JONES DAY TALKS®: Success Stories — Jones Day’s Women’s Initiatives

This special edition of Jones Day Talks celebrates the Firm’s initiatives that showcase the accomplishments of our women partners and associates, and that provide professional development opportunities to the next generation of lawyers both inside and outside the Firm.

Jones Day Talks: Hard Forks and Airdrops: The IRS Issues Cryptocurrency Tax Guidance

JONES DAY TALKS®: Hard Forks and Airdrops — The IRS Issues Cryptocurrency Tax Guidance

The IRS’s first guidance on the taxation of cryptocurrency in five years provides some new insights, but also leaves several issues unresolved. Jones Day partner Lori Hellkamp discusses Revenue Ruling 2019-24, with particular attention to the tax treatment of “hard forks” and “airdrops,” tips for remaining compliant, and the remaining questions relating to the taxation of virtual currencies.

JD Talks - Women in IP - The USPTOs Trademark Filings Go Digital

JONES DAY TALKS®: Women in IP: USPTO’s Trademark Filings Go Digital

Intended to improve efficiencies and reduce processing errors, new rules implemented by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office require electronic filing of trademark applications, and all submissions associated with applications. Requirements for trademark specimens of use were also updated.

Meredith WilkesIlene Tannen, and Carrie Kiedrowski discuss the likely impact of the new requirements, talk about the problems created by fraudulent specimens, and preview Jones Day’s Women in IP initiative’s event calendar for 2020.

Jones Day Partners with Clients to Advance Anti-Human Trafficking

JONES DAY TALKS®: Jones Day Partners with Clients to Advance Anti-Human Trafficking

Jones Day’s global anti-human trafficking initiative promotes unprecedented collaboration between our Firm, our clients, law enforcement, governments, and other organizations to detect, uncover, prevent, and prosecute crimes involving the sex trade, forced labor, and similar exploitation.

In observance of National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, partners Laura Ellsworth and Bethany Biesenthal discuss what Jones Day’s anti-trafficking pro bono efforts have accomplished, and talk about the Firm’s objectives moving forward.

DTalksWomen in IP Review and Outlook

JONES DAY TALKS®: Women in IP – Our 2020 Outlook

2019 was undeniably a very active year for intellectual property law—there were notable Supreme Court decisions relating to trademarks and patent litigation, and significant developments relating to AI and life sciences.

2020 promises to be just as interesting. Jones Day’s Meredith WilkesPatricia Campbell, and Tracy Stitt explain what’s recently happened and let us know what to look for in the year ahead. They also talk about what Jones Day’s Women in IP initiative has planned for 2020.

Appointments of PTAB Judges Ruled Unconstitutional ... What Now?

JONES DAY TALKS®: Appointments of PTAB Judges Ruled Unconstitutional … What Now?

In Arthrex, Inc. v. Smith & Nephew, Inc., the Federal Circuit has held that appointments of Administrative Patent Judges of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”) were in violation of the Appointments Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Jones Day’s Matt Johnson and Dave Cochran discuss the potential ramifications of this decision and talk about what parties to PTAB matters should do now.

ESG: The Opportunities and the Risks

JONES DAY TALKS®:ESG – The Opportunities and the Risks

ESG—Environmental, Social, and Governance—investing is attracting the attention of pension funds, hedge funds, sell-side analysts, large money managers, lenders and banks, and political interest groups and activists, all of whom can exercise their shareholder rights to push changes through corporations.

Jones Day’s Linda Hesse and David Woodcock talk about how ESG is received in corporate boardrooms, and what the opportunities and risks are for companies engaged in ESG initiatives.

Proposed Regs Implement FIRRMA, Expand CFIUS’s Jurisdiction Over Foreign Investments

JONES DAY TALKS®:Proposed Regs Implement FIRRMA, Expand CFIUS’s Jurisdiction Over Foreign Investments

Proposed regulations, which will implement the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (“FIRRMA”) next year, revise the process for review of foreign investments and also reflect the U.S. government’s evolving view of what sectors of the U.S. economy (such as real estate, life sciences, and data collection or maintenance) raise national security concerns and, as  result, will be subject to heightened scrutiny.

Jones Day’s Laura Fraedrich, Chase Kaniecki, and Justin Huff explain why a growing number of industries must consider FIRRMA’s implications when structuring transactions involving non-U.S. investors.