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First Gen lawyer

JONES DAY TALKS®: Perspectives and Pathways: Life as a First-Generation Lawyer

Each lawyer who is the first in their family to attend law school (and, in many cases, college) forges a unique path to a legal career. In this podcast, the Firm’s Rasha Gerges Shields, Abe Hester, and Stephen Scott share stories from their journeys as “first-generation” lawyers.

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JD Talks Class Action Compendium

JONES DAY TALKS®: Class Actions Worldview Guide: Part 1–The United States and European Union

Although class actions have been common in the United States for decades, they have not been as widely used in the rest of the world. The situation and risks remain in flux, however, as more countries have renewed momentum to enact class actions or class action-like procedures.

The Firm is producing in-depth, multipart series of publications on class actions that will spotlight a wide array of jurisdictions worldwide. The first installment in the series, released in August 2023, focuses on the United States and European Union. In this podcast, also the first in a series, partners Ozan Akyurek and Becky Kcehowski discuss recent trends and developments in U.S. and UK class actions.