JD Talks - Fair lending regulatory trends and impact on algorithmic products

JONES DAY TALKS®: Implementing AI: Fair Lending, Fair Housing, and Regulatory Trends

As its potential uses soar, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to attract the attention of multiple regulatory agencies. A recent high-profile U.S. Senate hearing made it clear that the use of AI must be consistent with federal laws pertaining to fair lending, housing, employment, and similar situations.

Jones Day’s Dorothy Giobbe and Alexander Maugeri discuss the legal implications of introducing artificial intelligence to decision-making processes and how users should prepare for increased scrutiny.

JONES DAY TALKS®: The Rise of AI Regs: Approaches from the European Union and United States

JONES DAY TALKS®: The Rise of AI Regs: Approaches from the European Union and United States

As technology and regulatory frameworks evolve, artificial intelligence (“AI”) legal issues have emerged as a key topic in transactional, litigation, and regulatory compliance contexts. Jones Day partners Laurent De Muyter, Carl Kukkonen, Stefan Schneider, and Emily Tait discuss the European Union’s implementation of a comprehensive framework for governing the flow of data, digital services, and AI, while the United States is still exploring regulation.

Jones Day Talks about Force Labor in Supply Chains

JONES DAY TALKS®: Jones Day’s Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative: Health Care Supply Chains and Forced Labor

As part of Jones Day’s continuing work against global human trafficking, the Firm actively supports the American Hospital Association (AHA)’s Hospitals Against Violence initiative and HEAL Trafficking (Health, Education, Advocacy, Linkage). A recent special convening hosted in Jones Day’s Chicago Office, Forced Labor in Health Care Supply Chains: What Hospital Leaders Need to Know, focused specifically on health care supply chain issues and how they may interact with forced labor. The event provided practical information and resources to health care providers fighting human trafficking.

Jones Day’s Taylor Goodspeed is joined by Laura Castellanos (AHA), Hanni Stoklosa, MD (HEAL Trafficking), and Laura Kowalczyk (Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM)) in a candid conversation about the information shared at the convening and Jones Day’s continued pro bono efforts in this space.

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JONES DAY TALKS®: Preparing for FRTB – What Banks Should Know

First introduced following the 2008 global financial crisis, the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) was designed to establish worldwide rules pertaining to banks’ regulatory capital requirements as they apply to trading activities. Jonathan Gould and Josh Sterling talk about the changes proposed by FRTB, how those changes address specific problems, and what banks should do now.

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UCC Proposed Amendments Address Crypto and Other Digital Assets

JONES DAY TALKS®: UCC Proposed Amendments Address Crypto and Other Digital Assets

Jones Day partner Kim Desmarais discusses the Uniform Law Commission’s and American Law Institute’s proposed amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and their potential impact on commercial transactions involving digital assets and other emerging technologies.

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JONES DAY TALKS®: All Talk, No Action? The Fintech Regulatory Plot Thickens

Jones Day’s new Of Counsel Nathan Brownback and Partner Josh Sterling discuss recent developments in the U.S. legal landscape for fintech, including the bipartisan Stabenow-Boozman bill, designed to regulate digital assets. They also talk about key banking and financial services developments, including the FDIC’s recent crypto advisory, California’s proposed, far-reaching Digital Financial Assets Law, and other issues in the space that will shape the fintech regulatory debate moving forward.

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JONES DAY TALKS®:Perspectives and Pathways: Acing the Callback Interview

Interviews can be stressful, especially for a new lawyer or law student hoping to start a career with a firm where they believe they can learn and excel. But there are steps to take to make sure the interview goes well. In this edition of Perspectives and Pathways, Partner Miguel Eaton talks with Jones Day associates Estefani Rodriguez and Alexander Gonzalez about preparing for, and succeeding in, callback interviews.

Ohio State Trademark

JONES DAY TALKS®: Buckeyes Win: Ohio State Secures Trademark for “THE”

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded The Ohio State University a trademark for the word “THE,” for use in connection with apparel sold in “channels customary to the field of sports and collegiate athletics”.

Jones Day partner Meredith Wilkes explains, how the University was able to obtain a registration, and the important lessons the action holds for companies and institutions seeking brand protection.

Meredith also talks about Jones Day’s Women in IP initiative and the group’s plans for the second half of 2022.

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International Litigation - Confidentiality and Legal Privilege under French Law

Contentieux International: Confidentialité et Privilège Juridique en Droit Français

La confidentialité et le secret professionnel résultant de la relation avocat-client sont des principes essentiels de l’exercice de la profession d’avocat. À cet égard, les litiges internationaux, qui peuvent être soumis à des règles de confidentialité différentes et parfois contradictoires, notamment concernant les juristes d’entreprise, présentent de nombreux défis pour les équipes juridiques impliquées dans un tel processus.

Ozan Akyurek et Cyril Philibert, associés au sein du département Global Disputes du cabinet d’avocats Jones Day – Bureau de Paris, analysent les conditions et modalités d’application de la confidentialité et du secret professionnel en droit français, et illustrent leur mise en œuvre.

International Litigation - Confidentiality and Legal Privilege under French Law

JONES DAY TALKS®: International Litigation: Confidentiality and Legal Privilege under French Law

Confidentiality and attorney-client privilege are cardinal principles for lawyers. In this regard, international litigation, which may be subject to different and sometimes conflicting confidentiality rules, presents many challenges to the legal teams involved in such a process.

Ozan Akyurek and Cyril Philibert, partners in Jones Day’s Global Disputes Practice in the Paris Office, analyze the conditions and modalities of application of confidentiality and legal privilege under French law, and illustrate their practical implementation in consideration of concrete examples, particularly regarding the procedure provided for in Article 145 of the Civil Code of Procedure