Jones Day Talks About Climate Reporting Rules From The SEC

JONES DAY TALKS® ESG Reporting Rules: The SEC, CSRD, and California- Who’s on the Hook?

Jurisdictions are requiring large corporations and other entities to report on the environmental risks they face and how their business operations impact the climate. In the second in a series of JONES DAY TALKS® podcasts regarding significant climate disclosure rules, our panel discusses the SEC’s rules announced in early March, the European Union’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), and the State of California’s Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act and Climate-Related Financial Risk Act.

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JONES DAY TALKS®: Court Grants Stay on SEC’s Climate Disclosure Rule, but Companies Should Continue Preparations

On Friday, March 15, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit granted an administrative stay of the SEC’s final Climate Disclosure Rules, adopted just over a week earlier. All of the challenges to the Rules filed in various courts will be coordinated for review before one court. As written, the Rules will require publicly traded corporations to make significant, new climate-related disclosures. In the first of a series of JONES DAY TALKS® programs examining the new Rules and related topics, Amy Pandit and Olga Gidalevitz discuss key implementation considerations for affected companies.

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Jones Day CVC Investments

JONES DAY TALKS®: Corporate Venture Capital Investing

Corporate Venture Capital, or CVC, continues to play a major role in investment and deal activity across numerous growth industries. Jones Day partners Tim Curry and Taylor Stevens discuss who’s investing, the opportunities they’re targeting, and the special factors to consider in a corporate venture investment.

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Jones Day Talks - Compliance Asia

JONES DAY TALKS®- Corporate Compliance in Asia: Managing Rapid Regulatory Change and Ambiguity

As business and investment activity in Asia surge, multinational corporations operating in the region face continually evolving and challenging compliance obligations and risks. Jones Day lawyers Lillian He, Hiromitsu Miyakwa, Zac Sharpe, and Simon M. Yu, all with broad experience advising corporate clients in Asia, discuss the current compliance and regulatory landscape, key enforcement agencies, and the attention in the region to ESG, data privacy and cybersecurity, anti-corruption, and sanctions.

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Paradise Lost Court Says AI Generated Work not Copyrightable

JONES DAY TALKS®- Paradise Lost – Court Says AI-Generated Work not Copyrightable

A federal district court held in Thaler v. Perlmutter that an AI-generated image, “A Recent Entrance to Paradise,” cannot be copyrighted due to the lack of sufficient human contribution to its creation. Jones Day partners Emily Tait and Carl Kukkonen talk about the implications of the decision, the questions that remain, third-party complications, and what GenAI users need to know.

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Class Actions Worldview Guide

JONES DAY TALKS®- Collective Actions in Spain: A Look Around and the View Ahead

As part of a series of programs covering class action laws in jurisdictions around the world, and to supplement content found in Jones Day’s recent publication, Class Actions Worldview: Part I—United States and the European Union, this edition of Jones Day Talks focuses on Class Actions in Spain – or as they’re known – Collective Actions.

Antonio Canales and Gonzalo Hierro, both based in Madrid, talk about the current Collective Actions landscape. They also discuss the Spanish Preliminary Draft Law, and share their thoughts on settlements, third-party funding, and more.

Antitrust Issues and Labor Markets

JONES DAY TALKS®- Charting the Course: Antitrust’s Past, Present, and Future in Labor Markets

Antitrust enforcement in labor markets continues to escalate worldwide. Jones Day partners Kevin Hart and Philipp Werner talk about the continuing crackdown on anticompetitive labor practices in the U.S. and across the EU, review recent developments in case law, and explain what employers need to know.

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The Evolution of Corporate Compliance Programs: Key Issues for Multinational Companies

JONES DAY TALKS®- The Evolution of Corporate Compliance Programs: Key Issues for Multinational Companies

Across every industry and every region of the world, corporate compliance programs have increasingly become an integral part of a company’s operations and procedures—and the trend shows no signs of slowing. In the first in a series of Jones Day Talks programs addressing topics related to corporate compliance programs, Jones Day lawyers Henry Klehm, Toni Citera, and Paloma Valor discuss the history of corporate compliance programs, the changing role of the compliance officer, challenges for multinational companies, the importance of technology, and how the compliance function can effectively partner with other parts of the organization to help mitigate risk and achieve business objectives.

First Gen lawyer

JONES DAY TALKS®: Perspectives and Pathways: Life as a First-Generation Lawyer

Each lawyer who is the first in their family to attend law school (and, in many cases, college) forges a unique path to a legal career. In this podcast, the Firm’s Rasha Gerges Shields, Abe Hester, and Stephen Scott share stories from their journeys as “first-generation” lawyers.

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JD Talks Class Action Compendium

JONES DAY TALKS®: Class Actions Worldview Guide: Part 1–The United States and European Union

Although class actions have been common in the United States for decades, they have not been as widely used in the rest of the world. The situation and risks remain in flux, however, as more countries have renewed momentum to enact class actions or class action-like procedures.

The Firm is producing in-depth, multipart series of publications on class actions that will spotlight a wide array of jurisdictions worldwide. The first installment in the series, released in August 2023, focuses on the United States and European Union. In this podcast, also the first in a series, partners Ozan Akyurek and Becky Kcehowski discuss recent trends and developments in U.S. and UK class actions.