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Crypto and DeFin Regulation Its About to Get Serious

JONES DAY TALKS®: Crypto and DeFi Regulation: It’s About to Get Serious (Encore Presentation)

A JONES DAY TALKS® Encore Presentation.
From October 2021.

Cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance remain under scrutiny from federal agencies and commissions. The acting Comptroller of the Currency has publicly stated that cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance may be evolving into serious threats to the financial system, much like the way certain financial derivatives prompted serious concerns and a near collapse back in 2008.

Clearly, serious regulations are under consideration. Jones Day’s Josh Sterling and Dorothy Giobbe discuss what industry stakeholders need to know.

Crypto and DeFi Platforms: Aggressive SEC Enforcement on the Way?

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has left little doubt that his commission will closely monitor activity in the cryptoasset markets and the actions of decentralized finance, or DeFi platforms, as investor interest continues to grow. In prepared remarks delivered at an early August event, the chairman said, “We just don’t have enough investor protection in crypto … we have taken and will continue to take our authorities as far as they go.”

Jones Day’s Josh Sterling, Brian Rabbitt, and Mark Rasmussen talk about what the heightened scrutiny means for crypto market participants, and discuss what additional regulatory and enforcement actions could be coming.