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Jones Day Talks: Hard Forks and Airdrops: The IRS Issues Cryptocurrency Tax Guidance

JONES DAY TALKS®: Hard Forks and Airdrops — The IRS Issues Cryptocurrency Tax Guidance

The IRS’s first guidance on the taxation of cryptocurrency in five years provides some new insights, but also leaves several issues unresolved. Jones Day partner Lori Hellkamp discusses Revenue Ruling 2019-24, with particular attention to the tax treatment of “hard forks” and “airdrops,” tips for remaining compliant, and the remaining questions relating to the taxation of virtual currencies.

JD Talks - Women in IP - The USPTOs Trademark Filings Go Digital

JONES DAY TALKS®: Women in IP: USPTO’s Trademark Filings Go Digital

Intended to improve efficiencies and reduce processing errors, new rules implemented by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office require electronic filing of trademark applications, and all submissions associated with applications. Requirements for trademark specimens of use were also updated.

Meredith WilkesIlene Tannen, and Carrie Kiedrowski discuss the likely impact of the new requirements, talk about the problems created by fraudulent specimens, and preview Jones Day’s Women in IP initiative’s event calendar for 2020.