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JONES DAY TALKS®: U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments in NCAA Antitrust Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has heard oral arguments in NCAA v. Alston, a case that will determine the limits the NCAA can place on types of compensation received by college student-athletes.
Jones Day’s Chris Pace and Marc Weinroth discuss how the case found its way to the Supreme Court, the arguments that the NCAA and student-athletes made, and what this case could mean for the future of college athletics.

Private Antitrust Litigation in Germany

JONES DAY TALKS®: Private Antitrust Litigation in Germany

Jones Day partners Jürgen Beninca and Dieter Strubenhoff discuss how private litigation relating to antitrust and competition enforcement in Germany has changed in recent years, what factors claimants should consider when preparing to file an action, how these proceedings often play out, and what parties to these actions most need to understand.

Read the full transcript at the Jones Day website.

JONES DAY TALKS®: Private Antitrust Litigation in Europe: The Big Picture

Private enforcement actions relating to antitrust matters has increased dramatically across Europe in recent years, both as follow-on damages claims in reaction to governmental enforcement actions, or as standalone competition claims pursued in litigation and arbitration by private parties. Jones Day partners Jürgen Beninca and Nicholas Cotter discuss what is behind the escalation in cases, including the effects of the European Union’s 2014 Damages Directive.

Read the full transcript on the Jones Day website.